Statutory Information

Statutory Information

Contact Details

The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed are:

Miss Anne Carter, Bursar Administrator, Blakesley CE Primary School, The Green, Blakesley, Towcester, Northamptonshire NN12 8RD, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01327 860257

or address your enquiries to the Headteacher, Ms Lucy Burman.

Admission Arrangements

Please call us to discuss admitting your child.  All Admissions are dealt with through Northamptonshire County Council, this applies to pupils being admitted into Reception at the beginning of the academic year and any mid-year transfers. Please use the weblink in the sidebar of this page for more information. 

The County Council prefer applications for Reception places to be applied for online. If this causes any problems for you please contact us and we will obtain a paper copy for you.

We are of course able to show you around School at your convenience and happy to answer any questions either in person or over the phone.

Blakesley Pre-School

Blakesley Pre-School run a ‘Rising 5’s’ session during the Summer Term for those pupils coming upto Blakesley in the following September, which helps them become familiar with the School, older pupils and the Staff.

We have two Induction Days before the end of the Summer Term for pupils and we have a ParentsInduction Evening prior to that. Our Reception Staff will also visit your child’s pre-School and give you the opportunity to have a ‘home visit’ during the Summer Break.

If you have any queries at all with regard to the admissions process, please do not hesitate to contact us or Northamptonshire County Council.


Key Stage 1 and 2 Results & School Performance Tables

Our KS2 results and School performance data is held online at the Education website, which can be found by using the weblink in our sidebar.

Highlights - End of KS2 Results July 2015

Percentage of children at each level (Level 4 is the 'expected' level). National figure for 2014 in brackets.

  Meeting Nationally Expected Level Exceeding Expected Level (Working at 'Greater Depth')

Average Score

(A score of 100 is the expected level)                                            


100% (66%)

50% (19%)

 111.3 (102.6)

Writing 100% (74%)

50% (15%)


Spelling, Prunctuation and Grammar 100% (72%) 50% (22%) 109.5 (104.0)
Maths 100% (70%)

 50% (17%)

 110.0 (103.0)


Progress Indicators (from 2016)  - National Progress Scores for all pupils are zero.

Our progress in 2016 was as follows: 

Reading+6.83; Writing +7.32; Maths +4.78


School Curriculum (also see our Curriculum pages)

We teach a ‘joined up’ curriculum that link many subjects together into themed topics. These adhere to the requirements of the National Curriculum and are reviewed regularly to take account of different pupil needs and interests. We find that children become absorbed in a topic of work when taught in this way and that this increases their enthusiasm and engagement. We want our children to love learning! In order for children to make the most progress with their core learning (reading, writing, communication and maths), the skills taught in their English and Maths lessons are reinforced and practised through their topic work in the afternoons. Maths, Science, RE and PE are taught as separate subjects but linked where possible.

Each class is taught three themed units that are particular to that class and two themed units that the whole school is taught. These ‘whole school’ curriculum units are based on world themes because we love the fact that Blakesley CE Primary is a small school in a beautiful rural setting but we would like our children to have a global outlook and learn about other cultures and parts of the world.  All of our units of work incorporate child initiated themes - areas of learning that the children have guided.

Learning is not all about what goes on in the class room though. In today’s society, there is no guarantee of the life experiences children have had. Consequently, we believe that there should be a wealth of experiences provided as part of our curriculum trips to enhance learning, visiting artists and making the most of our local facilities around Blakesley are just some of the experiences we aim to provide.

Details of our curriculum topics are sent out to parents/carers via our Curriculum Newsletter each term and the latest newsletters can be found on our website.

The Teaching of Reading

We use Letters and Sounds to support our teaching of phonics and we supplement this with Read Write Inc. resources. Our Reading Scheme is based on Oxford Reading Tree but also have further books that are banded into levelled groups to enhance our provision with good quality books from well-known authors.  In addition, we use Scholastic PM and Connectors schemes for target groups.

For further details about these schemes please ask us or see,, and


Pupil Behaviour

Our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Polcy will advise you on how we manage discipline and behavour.

Pupil Premium

Most of this fund is spent on additional tutoring (one-to-one and small groups teaching out of lesson time).

Additional resources have been bought for support/catch-up interventions for use by disadvantaged pupils in Reading and Maths. We have bought 5 laptops which are used at lunchtime for pupil premium children if they want to once a week and for use in interventions for disadvantaged pupils. Maths and English resources have been bought for use in support/catch-up interventions. A small percentage of the money has been used to help fund the SENCO who has responsibility for Pupil Premium groups. This fund has also been used to pay for music tuition and exams. (See Pupil Premium Statement on the sidebar). 

How much pupil premium money does our school get?

In this current academic year we expect to receive £11,700 which has been spent or spending is planned as above.

We received £10,400 in Pupil Premium in the Year 2015-16.

Sports Premium Grant

We expect to receive £8290 this year.  This money is to support sports development in schools and could be used to pay for the professional development of staff, professional coaching, sports equipment and competition entry. 

We plan to ensure that all our staff have professional development opportunities, all pupils to have sports coaching, all pupils to access a PE trip and our resources to be updated. In addition, a proportion of this fund will be used to pay for competitions locally by paying into the Sponne Sports Partnership.  We also pay an additional cost for our Sports Leaders.

As at the end of April 2016, 63% of all pupils have taken part in a sports competition and 75% of children eligible for Pupil Premium.  These figures will rise by the end of the academic year.

We are delighted that we achieved the GOLD School Sports Award in July 2016.


We received £8,290 for the year 2014-2015. We used the money to pay for specialist PE teaching, training for staff and cluster competitions. We are also going to be looking at updating some of our equipment including buying mobile basketball nets. The impact was been that 77% of our children took part in a sports competition over the last year.  100% of pupils received specialist PE coaching.  All staff have received training.

We were able to achieve the Sainsburys School Games SILVER MARK this year which recognised our achievements in competitions, training, links to other clubs and opportunities offered to our pupils.

Special Educational Needs

Charging Policy

School Ethos and Values

Our Ethos:

Blakesley CE Primary School is proud to be a Church of England School where every child, and adult, matters. We provide a happy, caring environment, based on our Christian values. We recognise that we are all created unique individuals; we support, value and celebrate these differences. We are committed to a high quality education which develops the potential of all. We promote the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, tolerance of different faiths, liberty, equality and mutual respect.

Our Vision:

“We create the spark that lights the fire”. As a Church of England school at the heart of the community and in partnership with parents, Blakesley C of E Primary School is committed to enabling all pupils to achieve their full potential. We will do this through developing a love of learning within a creative, dynamic and vibrant environment based on Christian values where everyone aspires to excellence.

We aim to:

  • -      Provide an education of the highest quality for each and every child;
  • -     Provide a caring and welcoming school, founded on Christian principles and values, that safeguards and promotes the welfare of all;
  • -      Foster a life-long love of learning by providing a stimulating, rich, exciting, responsive and engaging curriculum tailored to meet individual
  •        needs;
  • -      Value and respect all members of the school and wider community and celebrate their efforts and achievements;
  • -      Foster a successful and innovative partnership with parents, carers, the Church and community;
  • -      Develop resilient, enthusiastic and positive children who are equipped  for the next step of their educational journey and their future;
  • -      Prepare our children for the world they will live in.

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