FABS - Helping Our School

Folk Associated With Blakesley School

FABSLogoFABS is a wide ranging group of volunteers comprising parents, teachers, carers and members of the community willing to share skills, raise money and support Blakesley School.

Our major priority is to raise funds for our school. We provide extra equipment, subsidise trips and fund ongoing projects. Each year we hold a Christmas Party and make a gift to all the children. We also provide books and autograph for every year six child leaving the school. We also provide the funds to engrave all the trophies.

FABS hold fundraising events every term. These range from evening events for just adults to discos for just children. We annually hold a Christmas Fayre, May Merriment or Summer BBQ for everyone.

Teachers are an integral part of FABS, both in attending meetings and supporting events. FABS hope all parents will feel able to join in with these events because every thing we do benefits our children.



Chair Person

Elaine Jeffery


Helen Gardner


Jane Barker

Committee members

Karyn Nightingale

Sarah Venables

Helen Gardner

Jenny Dicks

Siobhan Taylor

Paula Dixon

Nicky Wright

Emma Payne

Laura Thomas



We are a very important part of Blakesley School and we hope that all parents will join, come and share their skills with their children, help at fundraising events or support an event.

Everyone is welcome and their contribution valued.

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