School Council

School Council

Our School Council is a panel of representative children from each year group of the school. Members are re-elected every September and our aim is to use creative and positive ideas to solve issues and to complete projects in school

These representatives will hold small sessions at circle times to collect ideas, views and information from their classmates and report and raise issues at termly school council meetings. The school council discuss issues and ideas that have been introduced, and with help from their link teacher they suggest possible solutions and improvements to be made to the Headteacher and other staff members. Agreements and projects are then fed back to the whole school during assemblies or class forums led by the School Council themselves.

The School Council is usually fully involved with maintaining our schools excellent behaviour and attitudes by designing and formulating children's ideas into a system called The Code of Conduct that can be used throughout the school.

The School Council members hold their first meeting in September during which roles and responsibilities were voted for and distributed. They have good ideas about what they wanted to promote and achieve this academic year…

The Key Stage 2 children have taken the organisational roles within the School Council this year and the Key Stage 1 children will operate as a mini-group within the school council, responsible for generating creative ideas and helping with communication links.

The School Council will also aim to manage and be responsible for their own budget. This will help the children to follow through decisions and solutions from meetings, in consultations with staff, improving the school through all of the children's perspectives.

Blakesley School Council helps to give all children the opportunity to have a voice, We like to hear your ideas and suggestions and have provided an issue box in the corridor as well as idea bags in the classrooms. Please let us know if you can help or assist our projects in anyway. The School Council would be happy to welcome you.

The School Council Members and Ms Burman